Sys-net crashes system

New Cubes and Linux user alert.
Looks like found a bug.

My laptop has LTE modem and was trying to setup it for sys-net. However Cubes does not recognize it and so no driver (if you know how can i securely install it, much apprechiate any comments).

So tried to add this device to sys-net and somehow sys-net also got setting to start qube automatically on boost. And with that unknown device added to sys-net, on boost after disk is unlocked, it freezes OS. Fixed it by disabling LTE in BIOS and then removed that device from sys-net.

dom0 was updated

If you have an issue with autostarting qubes then you can disable the autostart like this to find and fix the problem:

You can check the dom0 logs and maybe sys-net-dm logs to see the cause of your issue.
You can check this page for possible PCI issues with your modem:

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