Sys-net applet

sys-net applet not showing up. Unable to connect to WiFi or Ethernet. Can anyone assist with exact commands and instructions to fix the issue?

I attempted to fix the problem by cloning sys-net but that didn’t fix the issue.

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Properties or you mean settings?
When right clicking there is no properties option. Only settings.


That didn’t work.

Any other solutions.

Is your wifi device or ethernet device accessable from sys-net?


The instructions you listed didn’t work.

I believe so. It used to work but now it doesn’t.

You mean am I able to Chose Devices from sys-net?

From qubes manager: What is the template sys-net depends on?

A reminder: no software is provided under a qube. Templates provides software to qubes. qubes are just “user settings” disks and configurations applied on top of templates. So if you say that NetworkManager disappeared recently, something was either changed from qubes (qvm-prefs, settings from qubes manager, services deactivated etc).

The real question is what changed before/after NetworkManager disappeared from sys-net? That might be a hard one to answer, but something had to change.

Is your wifi/ethernet device showing under sys-net’s settings’s devices tab?

You could try to switch sys-net’s template to another one you have currently available and do emergency suspend from gui-domains (Qubes widget near clock wher eyou see all running qubes) and then ill sys-net. Open qubes manager, select sys-net, change its current template to another one. And then start sys-net again and see if widget shows.

Have you followed How to create new sys-net? ?
You could tell qubes manager to not start old sys-net by default under settings. Reboot. Create a new sys-net2 following How to create new sys-net? (selecting provides network at qubes creation), go under sys-net2 settings, make sure all networking devices are associated with sys-net2 and none are selected under old sys-net.

You will have to tell us a bit more of what you did before sys-net stopped showing NetworkManager so that willing people can help you troubleshoot and resolve your issue. Reading this thread, even if I want to help you, there is not much I can extract from previous posts. What happened?

Thanks for your help. I did nothing to change anything. I suppose my pc was unplugged and it instantly shut off. This has happened a few times since I don’t have a battery at the moment.

I suppose this can cause an issue with the system?

Not supposed no.

Waiting for previous answers. Still missing information to answer to your issue.

From sys-net terminal,
ip addr, man NetworkManager to get some debug info there could help. Otherwise. What templates sys-net is based on and switching to something else is required to see what’s happening.

Otherwise my past answer still stands.

My sys- net is Disposable. Would this matter? Unable to open sys-net terminal.

I’m using Debian -11 as the default disposal vm.
Debian 11 dvm is also my sys-net template.

I tried to switch sys-net to a different template however I don’t see an option for fedora-38. I think it’s because sys-net currently is disposable and can only work with disposable templates. I hope after I switch it, it should work.