Sys-gui-gpu error message

When attempting to apply the qvm.sys-gui-gpu state (sudo qubesctl --all state.highstate)

the following error message is returned:


Data failed to compile:

Detected conflicting IDs, SLS IDs need to be globally unique.
The conflicting ID is ‘dummy-psu-sender’ and is found in SLS ‘base:qvm.sys-gui’ and SLS ‘base:qvm.sys-gui’ and SLS ‘base:qvm.sys-gui-gpu’

A previous salt state of sys-gui has been disabled and doesn’t show up in the QubesOS manager, but when logging in, it does show up in the login screen.

This error was fixed by running “sudo qubesctl top.disable qvm.sys-gui”

There was an error that occured during the execution of the saltstack state:

No match for argument:


Now there is an issue with a timeout:

Timed out waiting for Xorg display :1