Sys-gui and i915 graphics issues

I have an alderlake CPU in my laptop, and when I first installed Qubes, the graphics were excruciatingly slow, so I edited 99-intel.conf following this post. It fixed the graphics issue for very light usage, but if I want to watch a video, it’s a gamble and to use my camera and microphone are a total no-go (the PC slows to a crawl as soon as they’re pointed at a VM and the audio gets super choppy).

I tried to install sys-gui because I hoped it would address those problems (shot in the dark). It wouldn’t stay set to autostart in the gui settings manager, so I set it to autostart from the terminal, but then Qubes didn’t boot, so I had to disable i915 in the GRUB settings.

Here’s the thing that interested me and made me think there’s probably a solution hiding in this: The decryption password screen has always been buggy and at a terrible resolution, but when I disabled i915, that login screen was crisp and beautiful. Is this just a driver thing I could easily switch?

I think these issues are all linked. What do you think? Also is it crazy to think sys-gui could fix those problems? I really like Qubes, but having a webcam and microphone is essential to my work, so I am thinking I may be forced to uninstall it and use something else.