Sys-gui able to use amd/nvidia drivers for better speed?

YES / NO ?

About to installing the rc and was wondering if i would be wasting time trying to get amd drivers for my rx installed.


Better speed of what? Sys-gui should only show the screen, not run any software.

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I remember last year when i was reading about this it was often mentioned as sys-gui-gpu, hence my question, also if you look at this text block from early 2020 from your link:

In the perfect world, we could simply connect the graphics card to the VM as a PCI device and enjoy a new, more comfortable level of separation. Unfortunately, the world of computer hardware is very far from a perfect one. This solution works only very rarely. For most graphics cards, it just fails, although some success has been observed on some AMD cards. Even if, in theory, the architecture supports GPU passthrough, many implementations rely on various hardware quirks and peculiarities absent when there is no direct access to the underlying system. For example, the video BIOS (the code that the GPU provides to the system to initialize itself) in many cases assumes that it is running with full privileges and tries to access various registers and memory areas not available to (or virtualized in) VMs.

And all that is without even approaching issues with multiple graphical cards, multiple outputs or suspending the host; or the fact that some hardware manufactures (like NVIDIA) attempt to block GPU passthrough for some of their products.

At the moment, a group of very brave university students are working on the basic GPU passthrough case as their bachelor’s degree project. We wish them a lot of luck in this difficult endeavor!

Hence why i asked if we have any details on which AMD cards. I also read some article the last days but couldn’t find it yesterday about some success with a new way of GPU handling (not vfio).

Maybe there is a way to modify the GPU firmware and make it Qubes OS compatible then burn it back to the GPU.

Anyways, i would be up for testing any of it.