Sys-firewall freezes on resume from suspend

I am having this issue, on the latest 4.1, with all dom0 packages up to date and running kernel 6.0.7

Haven’t confirmed by moving clock to another VM though. Confused as it seems to be solved below.

Also and possibly related, it takes a long time (several minutes) for the trackpad to work after resume, and there’s qubes-suspend.service timeout messages in journalctl logs

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Sir, @marmarek this may be related to your Properly suspend all VMs, not only those with PCI devices by marmarek · Pull Request #473 · QubesOS/qubes-core-admin · GitHub

Please take a look if you can and let me know whether to file a full bug report/Github issue

Also experiencing this: All qubes frozen after resuming from suspend on Librem 14 · Issue #8061 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Downgrading kernel in appVMs works (but not sysvms otherwise WiFi doesn’t work)