Sys-firewall cannot resolve DNS

My sys-net has working internet. I can curl ‘’ in sys-net, but in sys-firewall I cannot resolve the DNS. I’ve had this happen before and with a few restarts it works, does anyone know the solution to this problem? FYI no firewall restrictions, all firewalls set to allow all connections, and Debian disposable template for the sys-qubes.


This is a problem with the virtual DNS nameserver. I’m troubleshooting now.

Issue created. Temp fix is to use the new autorestart once the template has been updated.

Whenever I have had problems with DNS resolution upstream of sys-net I have found that just adding a public DNS server entry into NetworkManager in sys-net fixed the problem. Something to try at least.

Thanks, it’s not upstream of sys-net, but downstream.

The work around is just timing the manual restart properly until the virtual DNS kicks in. The bug issue is linked above.