Sys-audio set default volume

I’ve set up sys-audio to be disposable, but I want volume settings to persist. I’ve tried a few things out with wireplumber configs but new qubes always come online with volume at 100%.

I’ve tried putting the following at ~/.config/wireplumber/temp.conf and at ~/.config/wireplumber/wireplumber.conf.d/temp.conf. Pipewire/wireplumber are new to me, so I don’t know if these are actually the configs I want.

wireplumber.settings = {
  device.routes.default-sink-volume = 1.3
  device.routes.default-source-volume = 1.3

When I change the volume manually, I can see the values change at ~/.local/state/wireplumber/stream-properties.

Currently what I do is setup sys-audio as a non-disposable, configure everything manually, and make a dispvm based on that. It’s certainly not optimal, but I don’t know how to do it either. I’m putting this suggestion as a stopgap until someone who knows can say.

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Thanks, that works as a workaround for persistent app vms, which is my main case. Any idea about disposables?

I think I don’t understand. Disposable sys-audio, or disposable qubes connected to sys-audio?

For the latter, nothing should be required. For the former, I create a disposable based on the AppVM I manually configured and set it as sys-audio instead.

Wait, I understand now. To configure volume for disposable qubes individually I’m not sure that’s possible without regex in the configs. I have no solution as I only modify master (system) volume for dispvms. May I suggest named disposables?

The new audio setup is throwing me for a loop too. Let us know if you figure it out!

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Yes that’s it. I expect there’s some neat way of doing it, but it looks like I’d need to learn lots of audio concepts before I can work it out - probably not going to happen any time soon but it’s likely someone here knows their wireplumber well.

Disposables with consistent names does cover some more bases, I’m just missing the dispXXXX pattern from dvm templates now. Would be ideal to have this and a config-driven solution, but these workarounds are enough to stop me getting annoyed each boot.

I just thought: you might try installing pavucontrol in the Disps’ template and manually adjusting volume on the dvm templates

That seems to work. So I can set the volume in the dvm template to 150% and I can set it to 150% in sys-audio (manually per dispvm), and apparently it’s cumulative. Anyone remember Bart Simpson and the chain of megaphones? Should I be worried about damaging the hardware?