Sys-audio + HDMI?

When I used dom0 as audio-vm, I could plug in my HDMI-monitor and play audio via the monitor. All I had to do was to select the correct profile in the “Configuration”-Tab of pavucontrol.

However, my sys-audio-VM doesn’t seem to be capable to output via HDMI, at least the profile is missing. I’m using a minimal template (fedora-38) for sys-audio, so possibly I’m missing some drivers/packages? on the other hand, maybe the HDMI-port is part of the (intel integrated) GPU and inaccessible to sys-audio? Then again it’s possible it’s a bug.


Is there any way around it? I need to create a sys-audio to get my USB microphone working, but when I create sys-audio, I can’t have sound over HDMI to my monitor anymore

passthrough the audio part of the GPU to sys-audio

I’m not sure it works for integrated Intel GPU.

There doesn’t seem to be an audio part indeed.

I just ordered some USB speakers, couldn’t stand it any longer after spending 10hours on it :slight_smile: