Sync qubes and remain offline? (thru update proxy?)

Nice. Related but off topic: do you know if there is a non-hacky way to get apps in offline qubes to sync thru that proxy, and remain offline?

One could create a Qubes “wormhole” using TCP via RPC.

With, something like this:

In dom0:

$ echo 'qubes.ConnectTCP +8082 ems_pseudo_offline_node some_node_with_tinyproxy_running allow' >> sudo tee -a /etc/qubes/policy.d/30-user-networking.policy

In ems_pseudo_offline_node:


$ qvm-connect-tcp 8082:some_node_with_tinyproxy_running:8082


$ echo 'qvm-connect-tcp 8082:some_node_with_tinyproxy_running:8082' >> /rw/config/rc.local

Although with this approach, I’m not sure I’d consider ems_pseudo_offline_node as “offline” any longer.

Created a dedicated thread for this, since it’s very on-topic in User Support.

You could also use rsync or syncthing over qrexec.
I’ve salted both at, and there are
packages from qvm-task for ready
set up.
You can use syncthing between qubes, and link to a network connected
syncthing qube, if you want to take data off the Qube box.


Much better option long term as, tinyproxy has proven quite frail for my tastes. But, question was asked about using it so, posed an option to do so.