Switching default VM kernels clears all kernelopts

Edit: Reposted from this comment from another thread

I think I’ve found a bug with security ramifications while checking settings for this–I recently switched to the 5.10 kernel for my default VM kernel. When I checked my kernelopts just then, all of my kernelopts in all of my VMs (except Whonix) have been cleared. This means that apparmor was shut off for a while without me knowing it.

I have no luck with the new kernel,too . And my sys-net and sys-firewall is not booting. There was a kernel-header update and some else yesterday but unfortunately it don*t fix it for me and now I am booting with again. Sometimes I installed from github rpm to try nvidia driver running, but that don’t work atm and is off topic,too.
big blesses.
but in a nutshell it will be great to get a fix for the new kernel problems soon, then much more things should be work more easiily

Just to clarify: the new kernel itself isn’t causing me any trouble, and I’m using it on all my active VMs–it’s the unannounced clearing of all kernelopts that’s the issue.

What I’m describing occured on R4.1 and might be an issue exclusive to it.

sys-net and sys-firewall dont start with 5.10x… I did a new update today with kernel-latest-qubes-vm,but nothing changes. I I will find a documentation how to create a new sys-net, then I will try it without the dispvm. Maybe it is a problem because I am running sys-net ,sys-firewall as a dispvm. But the new kernel as much changes and it is not easy to make it running for a system like qubes, that supports nearly any distro . I am running with kernel 5.8x everything fine and with kernel 5.9.14-10 the system is booting and sys-net and else,too but I cannot conect with wired connection ,just my wireless card is working. but detected are both connection, but the wired dont work. That is strange,too. Usually wired is better and easier to get working and of course I prefered it and like to get it workng again,too.