Suspending laptop screen makes black screen need help

I’ve tried searching what the problem is not easy finding a solution. When I suspend my laptop screen it turns black and the power button keeps flashing any help would be appreciated. I have a laptop Lenovo flex 5… 16 gb of ram and and 512 gb of ssd. I have an Intel i7 iris xe graphics integrated CPU Gpu and it’s a 2 in 1 touch screen laptop. If anyone can help me fix the suspending issue that would be nice. I even tried the latest kernel but I have to force reboot the PC everytime the laptop lid closes.

First question if you are using a Tiger Lake CPU: does your computer support S3 sleep?

DISCLAIMER: I am nowhere an expert, only I have just let S3 sleep work on my thinkpad with Intel Tiger Lake CPU.

  1. If you are using a Lenovo device, try the latest BIOS and enable S3 sleep in BIOS, and then try in your alternate OS (for example Ubuntu on a USB stick) to see whether S3 sleep works. If S3 works in your alternate OS but not Qubes OS, then it is the time to talk about the next part.

  2. Before solving any Qubes OS specific issue, try qubes-dm0-update first, as your problem may be already solved by latest firmware.

  3. Providing the actual CPU and other devices will be helpful for diagnosing the issue (lspci), along with the xen log & dom0 journalctl & etc.

Ok I’m only somewhat tech savvy but I’ll try to follow those instructions so In bios I can set s3 right?

By the way I had Manjaro working out of the box before but I want the security and privacy in mind with qubes os Soo far WiFi works just needed the sleep feature when I close the lid to work

I don’t have s3 in bios

Check out whether your BIOS can be updated, and whether the update include a line like “Add support for Linux S3 sleep”.

My laptop is L15 Gen2 and mine has this line. After updating the BIOS and enabling S3 sleep, both Windows and Linux sleep with S3 sleep. You will find your computer has been in S3 sleep state when your fan is not running when sleeping, if your computer has a cpu fan; whereas if your computer is in S0 sleep mode, your fan keeps running.