Survey from HackerNCoder: Colors in QubesOS

I have created a survey about colors in Qubes, would you take a few minutes to do it? It’s completely anonymous.

Please don’t let the second page scare you away! The first one contains many questions which also give very valuable information to me/us.

I hope to learn a lot about you and what your thoughts are on colors in Qubes. Are there too many colors? Too few? What do you associate with the colors? what do you use them for?

I will run this for about a month. So there is plenty time to answer.

There is also qubes-issue for this survey for feedback and when I’ll post the findings there.


Interestingly, I found out that I should probably revisit my choice of colors while taking this survey.
Some inconsistencies have slipped in over time.


My need of color is just to differentiate VM of different clients, which rend more easy to use

@HackerNCoder What were the results?