Support Bounties?

Does the Qubes community support offering incentives / paid support / bounties on issues?

Assume there would be no objection to
a) posting these in the forum; and
b) arranging payment informally between members

Not expecting the team to have time to support this, just wanted to ask whether there were any objections. Might be a good way to prioritize getting stuff fixed which users care strongly about?

People have paid for support in the past, without any objections.

But someone making a forum account and saying they pay in bitcoin, if someone helps them fix an issue, isn’t the best way to conduct business.

curious, why not?

How about another way? Hiring a dev to work for a fixed term contact only on fixing specific areas of interest?

This may go against their policy:

\ Per-VM encryption · Issue #1293 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

We don’t try to stop the community from posting and collecting bounties, but our policy is not to implement specific features in exchange for donations

In full: Donate to Qubes | Qubes OS

My read of that is the community can do what they like, but core team won’t prioritize based on donations.

Would you agree?

With my previous reply I was only referring to the devs working on a specific issue. I wasn’t inferring whether or not they’d allow paid support between community members (which seems to happen fairly regularly).

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Are you able to introduce me to anyone who is doing paid support, I have a laundry list and not enough time to get it all done myself :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah, we’re in touch. Might need more than one person due to time constraints though, so please send anyone else my way.