Suggesttion for the Clipboard & a shared folder?

Copy and paste (Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V) is by default shared between all/certain Qubes.
Perhaps have settings where you can choose which Qubes can/cannot access the clipboard by default, and only for those certain Qubes you must use
“Ctrl + Shift + (C / V)”.

In my personal opinion, this makes working (especially for new users) much easier. I also think that this level of security is an option that you can choose opt in to.

My other suggestion is to have a “similar” thing for folders, where we have one folder for certain Qubes to share?

Just thinking out load :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading.

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Are you aware of the Qubes Global Config tool in Qubes 4.2? Seems to be exactly what you’re asking for :slight_smile:


Thank you both @apparatus and @parulin :hugs: