Suggestions needed for desktop hardware for qubes 4.2 2024


I have been using Qubes for a few months now and I really like it for many reasons but mostly due to the fact I don’t have to choose distro’s anymore and can run them all simultaneously, which for me is godly.

Anyway, currently I’m using Qubes on ROG Strix G15 laptop with 64gb ram, 14-core i9 and a 3070ti with 2 x 4tb 990 Pros. The speed is great however the power consumption is very high and battery life is less than 45mins lol.

So I am going to move to a desktop solution switch graphics to AMD for better support and have this running on my 49" screen. But I want to build a new desktop that is completely compatible.

I need suggestions on what is the best 2024 for CPU, GPU and board. I would like to really max it out as much as possible.

Kind regards

Intel i9 14900KS, MSI Z790-P DDR5, Nvidia 4090, is probably the highest you can go and expect it to work.

I’m using the 13900K, Z790-P with 128 GB DDR5, Nvidia 4060, and 990 Pro NVMe, it runs Qubes OS without any issues. I use 7680x1440 display from the iGPU, 3x displays in MST daisy chain.

The only issue I have is running Dasharo/Coreboot with the 13900K, but it works with the MSI firmware. My CPU is not stable without tweaking the power settings, which you can’t easily do with Coreboot.

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@renehoj I can confirm that hardware you are using works for me, minus the graphics card. I am running Dasharo UEFI however, not the heads release. This is due to a known issue with suspend and QubesOS. I’m waiting for the fix and will flash ASAP when ready!

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