Suggestion: a few tweaks to default templates

  1. Turn “hardware GPU acceleration” off in all apps, chrome, signal, ff and tb as minimum.
  2. Prioritize onion services for Tor browser everywhere.
  3. Torify default DDG searches in Tor browser.

This makes sense, but apps like Chrome, Signal, and Tor Browser are not installed in official templates by default, so I don’t think Qubes can help with those by default.

These should probably be filed as enhancement request(s) with the Whonix project, as they control the Whonix templates.

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This is great. Can you write a small post on how to do each of these steps?

Trying to figure out how to pre-configure all these apps in a kosher way. Annoyingly hard to find. Of course I could just modify .desktop files to include command line options to disable GPU…