'sudo dnf autoremove' safe in dom0?

… or not advisable?
has anyone tried? Did it work out?
Thank you for your feedback

Personally, I looked into this and decided better not to risk it.

However, best thing to do is look at the packages for yourself and see if they are necessary. if it tries to remove any qubes- packages, it’s a no-go.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

That is the list of autoremove. I guess it will look quiet similar for most qubes users because I use a normal setup. I will probably not mess any with this because I have fear of messing things up. But I would like to see some answers/opinions from you, for it might help others with less fear than me to minimize dom0.

Just scanning this, I don’t see anything that I think is necessary. That doesn’t mean that it is safe, playing in dom0 can make hard-to-clean messes. You can use rpm -qi <your-package> to see what each one does and decide whether they can be removed.