Sudden slow SSD


I’m on thinkpad x1 yoga i7 6600U 16GB ram

For some reason, my SSD is suddenly extremely slow, everything I do like openings terminal takes forever on even a fresh install, install also seems to take forever, what can I do to fix this? My system is unusable, opening a VM takes x4 as long, same with really anything, I got an ssd and installed with all kernels, latest too and got the same speed issue, this never happened before, the problem started happening when I was using my laptop as usual, after a reboot it’s been like that, reinstalling system did not fix it…

You can try to install some non-Qubes Linux OS and try to check if the problem will be there as well?
Maybe it’ll be useful to also test the SSD read/write speed on Qubes OS and on another Linux OS (you can check the speed from some Live OS),

This also happened to me on Qubes 4.1. I then upgraded to Qubes 4.2 and the problem persisted. A few months later, the performance came back to normal without me doing anything besides rebooting. Go figure

I use a 2TB WD Black Sn850x on a Framework Laptop 13, btw