Submit a Presentation for the Qubes Summit

Hi folks! The below is not being produced nor endorsed by the Qubes OS Project my bad, it is being produced by the Qubes OS Project!

I and others have pitched talks. @deeplow and others here, may be interested in doing the same? Deadline to submit, I believe, is the 20th!


@ninavizz thanks for sharing. This is third event (since 2019) and slowly become tradition. Since first event @marmarek participated and give active feedback to the discussion. 2019 just slides, but in 2020 we decided to include also video, especially that it was virtual event.

We love open source, Qubes OS and technology it relies on, you can find us contributing to technologies that Qubes OS relies on.

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My bad… Qubes OS project IS producing this, in partnership with 3mdeb. Corrected initial note, above.


This got extended to the 23rd July

Also changed the title from “CFP” to “Submit a Presentation” since it may be more obvious what it’s about for someone not familiar with the lingo.


Hope to see QubesOS again on 3mdeb.
Last year’s presentation was great.
It convinced me to move to QubesOS.

Is there already a schedule what will be shown?