Stuck at "preparing transaction from installation source"

I’m using Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3 16IAH7, I have completed most of the installation processes but it’s stuck at “preparing transaction from installation source” for two days till now, should I wait more?

Did you verify that installation media is not corrupted?
Did you try to run “Test media and install Qubes OS” installer boot menu entry?
Was the media test successful?

@apparatus the only working option for me is the option of install with latest kernal any othe option get stuck as shown in the picture and maybe show some errors.

Change the storage mode in BIOS from RAID to AHCI/NVME and disable Intel Volume Management Device (VMD) if you have it.

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It worked thanks!, but I have another problem the windows operating system which was orginal and came with the laptop was deleted, what should I do?

What do you mean by deleted?
You don’t see it in UEFI boot menu?
Did you see it there before changing the BIOS settings (disabling RAID-AHCI/NVME or VMD)?
Or did you see it even after changing BIOS settings but you’ve installed Qubes OS and Windows disappeared after this?

by deleted I mean it’s no longer available to boot with.
it disappeared after manual partitioning.

Do you remember how you’ve partitioned the disk?
Maybe you’ve selected to use the EFI System partition that is used by Windows and selected to format it?
Check the EFI System partition to see if there is a Microsoft directory present.
If it’s missing then you can try to restore the removed Windows EFI files:

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Thanks I will try it, also how can I dual boot?

You can choose UEFI boot entry to boot from. There should be separate Windows and Qubes OS boot entries.

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