Struggeling to setup debian-12-minimal as template for sys-net (with AX200 WIFI)

Hi all,
has anyone succeded in setting up a debian-12-minmal as template for sys-net with Intel AX200 WIFI? I did everything as in this link “How to set the template of sys-net to debian-minimal?” but it does not work. It is working out of the box wit a regunar debian-12-xfce template.

Did you install firmware-iwlwifi package?

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yep I did. as I said…I did everything as in the link…

How exactly is it not working?
No network manager tray icon?
No network controller detected?
What’s the output of this command in sys-net based on debian-12-minmal:

ip a

Check the logs in sys-net based on debian-12-minmal:

sudo journalctl -b > journalctl.log

Thanks for your time apparatus. But I do not have the template anymore. And since I was tinkering around with it for quiet some time and it was not working I do not want to invest much more time in it. That is why I asked the question if anyone has succeded in doing so. Apparently this does not seem to be a big topic for anyone.

But to come back to your questions:

  • Network Manager tray/icon showed.
  • System recognized the wifi adapter but showed it as not available.

I think the system was lacking some packages which are present in a regular debian-12-xfce template…there everything is working out of the box.

What’s your motherboard? I think it’s user error somewhere.

These are all I needed for the debian-12-minimal to work for that wifi card:
apt install qubes-core-agent-networking qubes-core-agent-network-manager qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root firmware-iwlwifi

So I had been installing everything as suggested. It seems like the system is recognizing the wifi card with “lspci -v” but in the network manager it shows as “device not ready”.

Interestingly it is working out of the box with a regular debian-12-template out of the box.

And yes I have installed firmware-iwlwifi in both templates.

I hit a wall here also, crafting a sys-net template from a slightly trimmed debian-12-minimal base.

journalctl -b provided the clue:

<timestamp> sys-net NetworkManager[531]: <error> [....] device (wls6f0): Couldn't initialize supplicant interface: Failed to D-Bus activate wpa_supplicant service

Fixed with:

$ apt install --no-install-recommends --assume-yes wpasupplicant

So, for my machine, the complete list of required packages: