Strangest thing just happened (ghost login screen?!)

Earlier today I returned to my Qubes system to find it frozen. I could move my mouse but that’s about it. No clicks or keypresses registered. All of my windows were open where I left them, but I couldn’t interact with them.

The system was still serving all of the services it’s supposed to, so I decided to leave it on as it is overnight and force reboot it in the morning.

Don’t ask me how or why, but I got the idea to type my password at that screen. Lo and behold everything suddenly updates to the current state and the UI starts responding again. Essentially, I was at the dom0 login screen, but the login screen was not showing.

Do I need to take my Qubes to the doctor? :eyes:

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What Qubes OS version? Do you have latest updates in dom0?
There were similar cases: