Storage Size (Quick Dumb Question)

When it comes to the two options “Private Storage” and “System Storage” for Debian 11, when I increase these how do they affect one another - do they have correlation with the storage sizes with the apVMs that are debian based also?

You have two types of storage, persistent and non-persistent.

Qubes needs a writeable root filesystem but the changes are discarded when the qube shuts down, I assume the system limit is to prevent a single qube from using all the disk space and crashing the system.

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They do not affect one another, (unless there are disk constraints).

A template based qube will inherit the system storage from the template

  • whatever size you set in the template will feature in the qubes.
    Template based qubes are not affected by private storage in the
    template. They start life with a default 2GB private store.

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