Still errors with GPU passthrough (error code 43)

hey again,
got GPU passthrough to partially work, but I constantly get error 43 on device manager on windows.
Tried everything on device manager, tried installing drivers via window update but that gives problems too since it downloads really old drivers that were not made for gpu passthrough, tried installing drivers manually then and it didn’t work, installer shows it’s finished but does not prompt me to restart the system, meaning drivers were not installed succesfully (tried restarting anyways and error 43 was still there); also tried a yt tutorial I found but didn’t work either, where drivers were installed semi-manually meaning they were extracted and then ‘‘partially’’ installed on device manager, rebooted and then installed via the installer, and of course nothing changed.

Did anyone ever got this to work with nvidia cards and windows 10?
I’m trying this with a gtx 1060 and 9th gen intel core.

thanks for the help

Got it to work since mate?

I’m on Qubes 4.1.1.
xen-hvm-stubdom-linux and xen-hvm-stubdom-linux-full are downgraded to version 1.2.3-1.fc32, and 3.5GB patch in is applied.
HVM is running Windows 11, installed via (answer file was simply modified Windows 10 → 11, Windows 11 installed perfectly fine) and with QWT installed.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Host/dom0 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
Passthrough GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
RAM: 32GB (4x8 GB) DDR4-3200

Have tried messing with Initial memory allocated to HVM, was running 16 GB fine without GPU passthrough. Have had to go < 3 GB.

Latest NVIDIA drivers, have tried pre-passthrough (i.e. Windows Update version) driver. Getting VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD on boot on post-passthrough drivers; pre-passthrough Error 43 in Device Manager.
On the later drivers, I was getting a DisplayPort signal (i.e. the 1080 Ti was passed through [host/dom0 GPU → HDMI; passthrough GPU → DP] however crashing) with no display.

Wanting to get GPU passthrough to work ASAP and stable, as I quite enjoy the Qubes experience and security. However needing to use Windows for development purposes and also gaming :slight_smile:. Am also quite new to the Linux world (learning the jargon and learning bash script, not to mention everything else. However I pick up on things VERY quickly) and plan to stay on Qubes as a host OS, have messed around for ages. Though was never stuck on a distro and always went back to Windows within a day or two.

If I can get it working (or if I’m still stuck) I’ll write a thread with the procedure described A-Z to save everyone else time. Cheers.

hey friend;
no unfortunately it did not work, so I’m still stuck using Photoshop with integrated graphics and stock drivers. Hope one day GPU passthrough will be easy enough for this to work!