Steam main menu doesn't render

Hey, how do I install steam on qubes os? I can’t get the main menu to properly render, possibly due to missing opengl libraries. Whenever I log in and load the main menu, the menu is transparent (black where there is no other window behind it) and doesnt update new frames, so it keeps displaying old windows behind it. Some dropdown menus still work if I hover over them.

This isn’t a qubes-os only problem, as I had the exact same problem on a virtual machine running in kvm.

Is this normal? and how do I fix this?

It stopped working with LLVMPIPE video driver (the one in qubes) after the big UI change a few months ago. There is no fix at my knowledge.

GOG Galaxy installed with lutris or bottle works fine though :smiley: (then, you must be lucky to have a working game…)