Status of split-gpg2

I seem to recall from watching the last QubesOS summit that 4.2 is going to deprecate the original split-gpg and introduce a new split-gpg2.

However, I see that my 4.2 installation currently still uses split-gpg (original) and no split-gpg2 seems to be mentioned anywhere in the menus, including in the “Split GPG” section of the Global Config app.

So: is anyone using the new split-gpg2? If so, how? What’s its status (experimental / testing / stable)? What’s the status of the old split-gpg…especially: is it still supported with updates?

It’s already available, but the name is not standard to what you normally find for Qubes packages.
The package name on Fedora/Debian is split-gpg2 and split-gpg2-dom0 for dom0

The old version is still supported for now it seems, according to the commits:

The last commit for version 2 is from February 2023:

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I see, thanks! So I take it that it’s stable, then; do you know if the “old” split-gpg is still supported or are we all supposed to switch to the new one?

I just edited my post with more information from what I could find. No idea when it will be officially deprecated.

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