Static Resolution for Kali Linux VM

Hello together,

i´ve installed Kali LInux in a StandaloneVM and now trying to maximize the window. Unfortunately there is no possibiliy to expand the window. Please see the attached picture.

Thanks for you help!

Which installation instructions did you use? You likely installed it form the ISO. In that case you are likely missing some qubes packages to deal with the scaling and system integration (seamless mode, for example).

On qubes 4.1 (still in development) there is already a kali template, which would solve that: Kali template available

Correct, i installed the ISO. Thank you for you feedback and insights!

I found a work around by changing the resolution inside of Kali - it fills out about 80% of my screen which is acceptable.

You’re welcome. The problem is that installing that way it leads to a poor integrations with the system. I would suggest you install if through one of the documented methods. But the document may be a bit outdated and some users found bumps in that road.

Btw, I do have a fully working kali integrated with Qubes. But it was setup quite a while ago.