Startup Script in DOM0


I am interested in setting up a script for running a program at the startup of DOM0, it is a simple “sudo ./some_program -some_option” script that I want to run. Help would be appreciated.

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This is not a Qubes-specific question. Dom0 is in principle just Fedora, so you should be able to do it in the same way as in a normal Fedora installation.

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Hello @fsflover, I tried to make a script, Could you please guide me? I am trying to run a program which is only accessible after the initial decryption, and requires a specific hardware to be completed

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I am no expert in Linux, but I found this: Running script on startup, Fedora 30 - Ask Fedora and this: Fedora 33 - Run command or script at startup - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.


@fsflover Thank you very much for the feedback, I was able to achieve what I wanted.