Starting switch root - Booting issue

Good day everyone,

I was tinkering with disp-sys-usb. I had made some changes with USB devices, and the VMs stopped working. Then they were all turned off.

I thought rebooting would solve the issue, but now I cannot even reboot. Because after I enter my FDE password, it shuts down itself when it is time for “Starting switch root”.

I have no idea about the solution, and any help is appreciated; I really need to solve this one.



Strange - the changes you made shouldn’t impact so early in the boot
process. Did you make any other changes between reboots? Update the

I installed Fedora-33 template in the recommended way, which is via dom0.

Also I should mention that when booting, if pressed Del, it stops at “Starting switch root”. However if the Qubes logo is on, then it passes there. Then comes the black screen (PC is on).