Standard Templates and NetVM for default-mgmt-dvm, sys-firewall, sys-net, sys-usb, sys-whonix

As I could not find this information anywhere:
What are the standard configurations of the system qubes in a fresh install of Qubes OS?
is the following list correct?

Name, Template, NetVM
default-mgmt-dvm, fedora-xx, n/a
sys-firewall, fedora-xx-dvm, sys-net
sys-net, fedora-xx, n/a
sys-usb, fedora-xx-dvm, n/a
sys-whonix, whonix-gw-xx, sys-firewall

Is this documented somewhere?

looks correct. Lines 2 and 4 are also correct, if you’ve choosen disp templates for sys-* qubes during installation.

Thanks Gardener for the confirmation.