Standalone HVM Qube has 2 Mouse Cursors

I attempted to pass my webcam to my standalone Windows Qube successfully by entering qvm-features [Windows VM] stubdom-qrexec in dom0. However, after restarting sys-usb and the Windows VM, I now see two mouse cursors - one black and one white. The black cursor seems to be the Qubes OS/dom0 cursor, while the white one appears to be the Windows cursor moving relative to the Windows Qubes Screen. I observed a similar issue when installing a Nobara standalone HVM. I suspect I need to configure something to hide or disable one of the cursors.

I think there is no built-in way to disable cursor in WIndows.
There is such a function QWT, but it needs to be installed.
You can search the web for some other tool that could do this.
Or you can install QWT without installing the Xen PV drivers to avoid QSB-091 (if it’s possible).

Thank you. I was able to install Qubes Windows Tools (Accepting current security risks QSB-091) Which fixed the issue.

For others wanting to install QWT on Qubes OS 4.2 I took the following steps:

I entered the following in dom0:
sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-windows-tools-4.1.69

Then I entered the install command in dom0:
qvm-start <VMname> --install-windows-tools

And following the rest of the QWT installation guide for 4.1

Also pay attention to this:

Warning: These older versions of Qubes Windows Tools will be replaced during the next dom0 update by the current dummy version 4.1.70-1. This can be inhibited by appending the line exclude=qubes-windows-tools to the file /etc/dnf/dnf.conf in dom0. But this will also stop any further QWT updates - so be sure to remove this line when - hopefully - a new functional version 4.1.71-1 of Qubes Windows Tools will be made available!!!

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Thank you!