Standalone HVM Arch Qube Boot Problems

So I finally got network running on my Arch Iso, and did all the steps on how to install arch etc, making lvms on /dev/xvdb1. I installed Grub and configured it and it all went smoothly, now when I restarted it to see if it would reboot back to the Arch Linux terminal, I get a SeaBIOS error saying “Boot failed: not a bootable disk” and “Boot failed: could not read the boot disk”, “No bootable device.”. I have tried running the qube without a kernel via dom0 command line, however I still get the same result. I’m not sure how to make the SeaBios detect my non-uefi grub installation. Any help would be much appreciated, as I feel like I’m finally close to the end of making a standalone HVM Arch qube derived from the original iso.

I haven’t had these issues myself, but invariable I install to xvda,
rather than xvdb. Was there some reason why you chose this?
Where did you install grub?
How did you configure it?