Standalone glibc higher needed?

Created a stanalone qube and downloaded a piece of software I need to run. It gives a message that glibc 2.32 is required and will not launch.

How can I update glibcto a higher version so I can run the software in standalone qube?

Pls help.

You have not said what OS or distro you are running on the standalone,
nor how you created it.
Nor have you said what software you are trying to install, or from
You will have to find a package containing the version you need (you
neglected to say what version you currently have) - this may or may not
be available for your distribution. If not, you will have to compile it
yourself, and risk breaking the system (glibc has many reverse

For Debian, glibc 2.32 isn’t packaged for 11, Debian 12 has 2.36

Without more information from you it’s difficult to go further.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

You may want to create another standalone qube from a template that already comes with a high enough glibc version. E.g. fedora-37 has glibc v2.36.

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When I installed I did not select Fedora templates at all.

How do I get the Qubes official Fedora 37 template onto a pre-existing Qubes install?

I understand that you feel no enough information about what programs I want to use has been provided, however I thought my description was sufficient as I just need to have a higher version of Glibc as it has popped up as a requirement. Thanks for suggesting Deb12 I can give that a try.


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The qvm-template command is the recommended method to manage templates since R4.1 (instead of qubes-dom0-update like in older Qubes OS releases):

$ qvm-template install fedora-37
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