Stand alone VM (optional passthrough)

Probably a very noobish question but:

Is it possible to create VMs that run standalone (as it was a different pc) with the option to have passthrough of PCI(e) devices and usb?

  1. I would like to be able to run a server in a separate environment in a container and VM
  2. to be able to have VM with its own screen and usb input that can function as a separate PC

I currently run Proxmox for that by which one VM is the ‘main’ PC, another VM is the ‘second’ PC and a LXC container is running the server. If possible I would like to run the main PC in the cubes OS and there create the VM for the second pc and create the container.

thank you.

Proxmox I’m trying to install standalone Proxmox as standalone VM how are your part doing?