SSH Connecting from Qubes to Remote Computer

Hi, new to Qubes and just tried to SSH to my VPS via Terminal on my Debian10 VM. But this does not work, connection refused. Can anyone give me a hint please?

If you try from a TemplateVM, it’s normal that you can’t connect. You have to create an AppVM and connect from the AppVM terminal. In my case, it works very well.

If have tried it from a AppVM. In “Networking” I set default(sys-firewall) current. Maybe it has to do with my keypairs. Thx for your answer.

Now it worked for one of my VPS, it had something to do with the keypairs(permissions). On the second, connection refused port22, what is the standard I think. mmmmhhh

(Adjusted the title for clarity over the issue)

@grienekliess if you want to add some security magic check this out :wink: :

@deeplow: We still didn’t make it into the community docs (Documentation | Qubes OS)?

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