SSH between AppVMs using RPC and `qubes.ConnectTCP`

I’m trying to SSH from one AppVM to another on 4.2 rc4 (yes, I know about the Qubes network server project). I have tried opening all traffic using this section of the firewall documentation, but I can’t even get a simple ping to respond.

So, I decided to try the second (better and more secure) method of opening a single port between the two VMs, but still, no dice.

What am I missing, here? I try not to post until I’ve done sufficient digging, and I’m feeling like quite the n00b.

Can you provide what you did in each AppVMs and also the qrexec policy you made in dom0?

R4.2 uses nftables, and has selinux enabled by default. That part of the documentation probably needs updating.

In the meantime, @solene has written a good community guide:
Qubes R4.2 nftables firewall guide

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