SSD no place and question to NV41 WD 4TB

I am running a 2 TB SSD and this is now out of free disk space. Now I want to know which methods we can use to expand the disk.

Can I use for e.g. a USB and set this as a further drive for one ore more qubes?

And one method would also be to buy a new laptop or a new SSD but I have seen that the you cannot run qubes on the novacustom nv41 with 4tb and black SN850X?

You can replace your 2TB drive with a larger drive.
You can also set up secondary storage on the external drive for some of your qubes:

do you have some room for an extra disk?

where did you read that?

It’s probably fine, just not formally “certified”:

Generally speaking - I don’t think this is the case for this Western Digital drive, or for most drives marketed towards consumers - one occasional incompatibility with drives is that if they are 4Kn devices (i.e. they have a 4096 byte logical block size) and it’s not possible to change it to 512 bytes (through a standard or vendor tool), then they can’t easily be used with the default LVM Thin installation layout. But they’ll work normally if you choose the Btrfs layout or the “Standard Partition” layout with XFS in the Qubes OS installer.

It’s probably fine, just not formally “certified”:

  • Exactly. Multiple users have already let us know that the 4 TB SSD option we offer works fine in combination with Qubes OS, it just wasn’t applied for certification, meaning that we cannot guarantee the compatibility with that drive.

Ok that’s fine by the way what about your ns70 2hy isn’t there a core boot/skulls option?

The NS70 Series is equipped with Dasharo coreboot firmware, but it is not compatible with Qubes OS as it doesn’t support S3 suspend-to-RAM; only S0ix suspend-to-idle is supported by that laptop series, while Qubes OS doesn’t support that yet.

We don’t offer Skulls at all, I think you meant Heads. As Qubes OS is the most used operating system in combination with Heads, it doesn’t make sense for us to develop Heads compatibility for the NS70 Series.

We will release new models in June or July which should be available for pre-sale by the end of this week. After the first release, we will investigate the feasibility to get them certified for Qubes OS. If you want to keep posted, I recommend to sign in for our newsletter.

Why doesn’t it make sense? For me it is a hobby to built a hardend system and I had bad experience with nitrokey so I am looking for an alternative for my next project. And now I am very happy with using qubes after my poor beginnings so I am going to use it more. But I also need a fast cpu and minimum of 4TB drive. If this cannot be offered I stay with my “gaming” project.

So for this point I want to get everything what is possible, and there we have coreboot, heads and anti Intel me with yubikey.

It doesn’t make sense to invest a lot of time and money in the Heads project for this NS70 Series as it is not officially compatible with Qubes OS. I think users may expect good working devices from us, this includes suspend mode, which is unfeasible to make compatible due to hardware limitations.

For now, we only have the NV41 Series as an alternative. We recommend Qubes OS users who want to verify the firmware integrity to choose the coreboot+Heads variant and to use the USB Security Device we offer (Nitrokey 3A Mini). That device has HOTP support, I’m not sure about that concerning the Yubikey. Our coreboot+Heads variant includes Intel ME disabling, hard-coded by the HAP disabling method.