Split GPG in Debian


is it possible to use Split GPG in other Linux distributions? For example
in Debian? Or does Split GPG necessarily require virtual machines?

Kind regards

C. Lauer

The “split” part of split-GPG refers to the fact that the keys are stored in a different qube and that access to them is heavily restricted.

Strictly-speaking, qubes don’t have to be virtual machines, and other ways to compartimintalize your data may allow you to set up something similar to split-GPG. Yet the current Qubes OS implementation relies on virtual machines.

What do you have in mind? What would be the goals of your setup?

As far as I know, the use of Split GPG is currently the only way to run Mozilla Thunderbid with GnuPG without restrictions. I have tested this with Qubes OS 4.2. Actually, I don’t want to use Qubes OS. I want to build the whole thing on a Mint. Qubes OS is a very interesting operating system, but it has very high hardware requirements due to all the VMs running in parallel. In addition, not all hardware is compatible. I have tested Qubes OS 4.2 on a Lenovo ThinkPad X230. It ran very slowly. When I buy my next hardware, I pay attention to the requirements that Qubes OS needs.