Split GPG freezing Thunderbird

On my laptop as well as that of a colleague, Split GPG is freezing Thunderbird once every 20 times we use it on average. It’s hindering our work. The only solution is to shutdown the work VM and restart it or to kill Thunderbird. And restart.

This is happening for work VM in Debian or in Fedora, and the vault-gpg VM in Fedora.

Is anyone else facing this problem? Is there a solution? Thank you.

Hi @oijawyuh. I’ve experienced this as well.

Do you have the qubes.Gpg RPC set to ask or to allow?

This is how an allow one looks like (file /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.Gpg file in dom0):

@anyvm  @anyvm  ask,default_target=work-gpg

I have it set to ask and because of that my thunderbird is hanging and I have to kill it. This happens whenever I mistakenly click on deny or esc .

Could that be your case as well?

Hi @deeplow. I have my qubes.Gpg setup as follows:
work vault-gpg allow
$anyvm $anyvm ask
I guess your suggestion doesn’t solve my problem, right?

Yes, it must be something else, then.

A third person using Qubes on a third machine model (all thinkpads - different models) told me he is facing the same problem. Regular freezing of Thunderbird because of SplitPGP. Is anyone else facing such problems?

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I think this may need to be officially reported as a bug. Tried looking there but found nothing. So it’s likely this hasn’t yet caught the developer’s eyes.

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I think I should do that. Where and how can I report a bug? How do I log the behavior of Thundebird or propbably of split-pgp when it freazes?

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Great! Here you go:

I’m not sure how those logs can be found. Generally if you don’t know where to find the logs with a quick search, it’s ok. The developers will point you in the right direction to provide those. The most important thing is for issues to be reported so the developers are aware (even if not all answers having been found). :slight_smile: