Split-browser for Brave browser under f38

Would be appreciated, I’m sure! At least by me. Any chance?

Chromium support (which should cover Brave) is still on my to do list, but then again I call my to do list “the append-only ledger”. So it’s probably not going to happen during the lifetime of Fedora 38. More like Fedora 83…

On the bright side, Mullvad Browser works (because as a fork of Tor Browser it is based on Firefox).

Thank you for the feedback. Not a bright side, at least to me. Firefox based browsers are just unbearable trying to watch youtube. Brave is unbeatable out of the box, at least when Qubes is, on my side.

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Just to check. Plans for f38 split-browser (Firefox based of course)?

There’s currently no contrib package repository for Fedora 38 at all, but following the “Or install manually:” sections of the installation instructions should work.

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Now there is a Fedora 38 contrib current-testing package repo, and Split Browser is in it.

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Installed, tested and posting this from fedora-38-split-browser!

Thank you!

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