Spectre & Meltdown (XSA-254)

Is Qubes and Xen affected by XSA-254 (Sceptre and Meltdown)?

Ctrl-F 254

Can this be mitigated by switching to HVM fro PV?

I noticed on Spectre Meltdown - Whonix there are mitigations for Xen and
for debian-based templates. Another mitigation recommended to switch virtualization modes from PV
to HVM.

can a someone edit the title to Spectre for future searchability


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No, see QSB #37. See also: Standalones and HVMs | Qubes OS.

It looks like switching to HVM helps to mitigate Meltdown vulns but not Spectre. Is there a tool for dom0

which can be installed like the one listed in this article?