Space in qubes Internet connexions

Hello, my disk for qubes os is 256 GB , now with testing diffrent linux end windows installation ( with iso…) I have ony 30 % of the space to use… Anybody knows , how to “clear” and win space ?

On ths ocasion …i can tell you , the only wire connected linux ( several linux tests iinstallations)is antiX…

I’m not sure to understand your problem … You want to install Qubes OS on the whole disk ?

Hello, 25/4/24
I have already installed …qubes 4.2.1 on entire NVMe disk

If you have already filled the disk with these different installations
(I assume of HVM), then the only way to recover space is by deleting
some of those HVMs.

Important to use the disk-space applet to show you how much of the pool
is actually used. If it’s that which is showing 70% usage then you
should be fine to keep an eye on things.
Setting up qubes using templates will reduce your disk space requirement.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum I speak for myself.

Hello , thanks , that is what i thaught,
After trying several ISO installations ,i eliminate thé iso ,s which don,'t work

Anyway ,until now ,antiX,trisquel,and Q4os, also,emmabuntu,work Good but only antiX with internet connexion,for others ,i don’t know adjust the wire ( WiFi also); For Windows 7 i have iso and It seems Good but i lost the registration .

Thanks for attention , excuse for my bad english ( polish or french keys,)