Sound troubles

hi solene and thank you for asking,
i’ve noticed that this thread went somewhere sideways but if i may try to focus on your question my answer today is audio
it might sound :smiley: silly but a lot of human beings are more focused on sound than visual
we are working more remote nowadays and most meetings have sound as an important element
i’ve been trying to convert my laptop to qubes-os but as it’s so hard to get sound and bluetooth working i’m close to give it up and that makes me sad

What is your issue with sound? Could you make a separate topic if you want to receive some help about that? :slight_smile:

dear solene , i was replying to your question “what would you like to se improved in qubes os”
to be frank my answer is audio

i haven’t found help here to solve my audio issues neither in the startup documents
i’ve been struggling with all kind of linux flavours since 1995 but this one takes it
please … please document how to solve it
it’s working in fedora
it’s working in debian
why doesn’t it work in qubes-os?
any ideas @solene ?

you didn’t describe the problem, I can’t help.

dear solene,
first of, default doesn’t sound
i have to change setting in pavucontrol for “Configuration” to something else in my “Built-in Audio” like "Digital** and then back.
and then make sure some sound is on all the time within that stream

Made this it’s own thread. Hope you get the help you seek.


thank you sven!
let’s start from the beginning
as told above, i just gave my opinion on what i think should be improved in qubes-os
i think a computer os, weather it is a server, iot-unit, standalone or laptop, should be able to use the hardware it’s created for
i agree to most of you out there that hardware-providers should be more helpful towards linux, we’ll notice it when nvidia changes opinion :laughing:
the hardware that linux community are getting support from should be supported by community os:es
i’m trying out qubes-os on a dell precision 7760 aka “big bertha” (faild qubes-os on thinkpad w540 on upgrade 4.1->4.2 boot-loop)
sound is working if i repeatedly create some sound output
if not i have to change input/output device in pavucontrol when sound is failing
in debian and fedora live images audio is working by default on this computer

  1. how can i make my qubes-os be stable by audio?
  2. how can we make it be a more pleasant experience for new users?

i think fedora and debian live image teams can give some input on point 2