Sound input and Output issues over USB / dock


I am steadily getting my Qubes install to mostly work as I need, but there are still a few lingering things; the biggest one for me is handling the audio input and output. I am on a Framework laptop, but I doubt that matters given the symptoms are not specific to this mainboard. Here’s the issues:

  1. I dock my laptop to an ASUS monitor over USB-C when I work, and that monitor has speakers attached to its audio output port. I can use those smoothly and easily in all my other laptops, but not so far in Qubes even though I have dug into every setting I can find. I don’t see those speakers listed under the PulseAudio manager, nor in the device manager Qubes uses, but they do list on my other laptops running Fedora 36 directly or LMDE 5. This monitor is, by the way, passing through all the other connected devices fine (its got a USB hub integrated). Am I missing something?

  2. On the Input side, I have a Blue Yeti USB microphone I have long used on my previous operating system, and it works in Qubes too…with one major side-effect: When I connect it to the needed Qube, it automatically blocks audio coming from my only working speakers. I think it might be trying to act as playback device as well, and since it has no speakers, it blocks the sound playback from any qube it is connected to effectively. Either way, this may be an issue specific to how playback is handled in Qubes, because I have noticed it is a bit unusual in how output audio is handled.

The reason I group these together is that I wonder if I am missing some fundamental understanding of audio in Qubes, or perhaps I am missing something about how Qubes or perhaps XFCE handles the audio controls? Any help would be majorly appreciated! Thank you.

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