Sound clipping - Qubes 4.1

Anyone else struggle with sound clipping?
I have created a multimedia qube with spotify which is a bit hit and miss on quality.
Sometimes I get 2-3 songs in a row with good quality then suddenly I can get pretty bad clipping.
Trying to turn my desktop in to a qubes daily driver so spotify and video conferences will be a big and important factor.

Any settings or other things others do thats on-default in regards to sound?

Running 4.1 due to new hardware, 4.0.3 installer wouldnt run at all.
Intel i7 10700k with 64GB RAM running encrypted disk on a samsung nvme ssd.

I am running spotify without any glitches in Qubes 4.1
Would you mind giving some details if you have tempered with your settings etc?

I have not done any OS settings or qube settings for this particular service.
Did change, in spotify, quality to very high.

Forgot to mention that I use a USB headset for sound.