Someone knows how to install waydroid on QubesOS

I am trying to install Waydroid on QubesOS, I followed the instructions at Waydroid template. But apart have lacks in information, I have not even been able to establish the connection with whonix. I followed the steps until the initialization of waydroid, then I had to go to a github guide because, as I said, it was not even understood. That guide led me to use weston, which helped me see the waydroid UI but it won’t let me connect to the network. I did all this with debian 12 minimal.

What issues do you have with that guide?
Can you describe your steps one by one to figure out where did things go wrong?

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They have updated the guide, let me try it again.

It already worked for me, I just had to follow the exact steps. At first I didn’t understand it because the commands were incomplete, thanks for everything.

By the way, how much ram memory is necessary to keep the emulator open and be able to operate it, I ask because I want to have 2 cubes open at the same time.

It depends on the apps that you’ll run inside Waydroid.
Qube with Waydroid running without any apps is using ~1 GB of memory:

$ free -m
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            2095         846          63          50        1273        1249
Swap:           1023         139         884

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