Some (possible) bugs in Qubes 4.2.1

Hi, I have some comments about possible bugs in Qubes 4. 2. 1 and put them up for discussion:

  1. If you assign a USB stick to a VM, then not only the box appears that the USB stick has been assigned, but also one that indicates that it has been removed.

  2. If you clone a complete whonix system (i. e. sys-whonix, whonix-gw-17 and whonix-ws-17 to sys-whonix-2, whonix-gw-17-2 and whonix-ws-17-2), use this clone, then completely shut it down including restarting sys-firewall and sys-net, then no new Ethernet connection can be established. There is no Ethernet icon and no time synchronisation monitor icon at the top right, just a constant attempt to build up the network.

Only when you shut down Qubes completely and restart the whole system, it runs again and the other clone can be used.

This issue came up with one of the last updates, about a month or two ago.

  1. The time synchronization monitor at the top right for the running gate system sometimes indicates that it is not running even though gate is working.

  2. If you want to interrupt a Qubes update, it is often not possible to do so correctly. The update-gui does not close properly and cannot be called again normally. Only a small window appears that cannot be closed or otherwise edited.

Only when you exit the current process (update-gui) in the dom0 terminal with “kill” does the window disappear completely and an update can be restarted.

  1. Sometimes an update icon appears for dom0 and other systems, although there is obviously no update and vice versa.

  2. In the last update a few days ago, the list of updates in the update-gui indicated that kernel 6. 6. 25 was reinstalled (the old kernel was given 6. 1. 75). However, if you call “This device” under “Global config”, Kernel 6. 6. 31 appears there and Xen “unknown”. If you query the status in the dom0 terminal (unname -a), kernel 6. 6. 31 appears.

A read out of the kernel buffer yields, among other things, Xen 4. 17. 4

Used system is an Intel NUC with I5-5300 CPU and HD Graphics 5500 and 8 GB RAM.

Thanks for opinions.