Some memory usage benchmark with fedora-38 and fedora-38-xfce


I had some spare time and wondered if fedora 38 xfce was using less memory than the fedora 38 template.


very simple, i start a qube using the template I want, run a terminal in it and look at top with the Used: field. I wait a dozen seconds to see if it’s changing, on a fresh start it’s quite stable.

Then, I run a program, let it load for a while, and I look at numbers again in top.

Fedora 38

  • idling: 320 MB (mediane after multiple tries)
  • running Dino: 534 MB
  • running Evolution: 449 MB

Fedora 38 XFCE

  • idling: 352 MB (mediane after multiple tries)
  • running Dino: 531 MB
  • running Evolution: 459 MB

conclusion ?

I didn’t do a very precise benchmark and not really extended because it’s tedious.

But roughly, they use the same amount of memory, except when idling where xfce draws a bit more.

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