Some error messages in dom0 terminal when open Qubes Global Config

When I open Qubes Global Config window, such error messages appear in dom0 terminal (journalctl -f was used to watch logs):

(Both start from “sudo” then go numbers in square brackets) PAM adding faulty module: /usr/lib64/security/

PAM unable to dlopen(/usr/lib64/security/ /usr/lib64/security/ невозможно открыть разделяемый объектный файл: Нет такого файла или каталога

(can be translated as: “Cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”)

And then after few messages the first error message appears again. This scheme always the same: these two messages, then first one repeats itself.

Since these messages contain word “security” I decided to show it here.

This is a known issue and does not compromise the system.

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My BIG thanks for patience. :slight_smile: